At the cusp of the 1990s, Singapore witnessed tremendous growth in consumer sophistication, not just in retail but also in the lifestyle segment for furniture, lighting and accessories. The time was right to introduce better choices into the market and thus it was in October of 1989 that Mr Lim Choon Hong brought XTRA into being.

Originally sited in a pre-war conservation shophouse out in the surburbs, XTRA steadily gained a reputation amongst discerning Singaporean's for its eclectic range of designer wares, and also for its sterling service and knowledgeability.

Today, XTRA has expanded its premises to three retail stores, including a 2,000 square metre showroom covering three levels at Park Mall, and have widened operations to cater especially to the Contract and Office markets.

From its earliest days, XTRA has been an active promoter of design culture in Singapore. Besides assembling a truly diversified collection, XTRA has also hosted and participated in a number of events to raise awareness of both popular and under-appreciated designers from all over the world.

Our focus is not restricted to any one direction; in addition to helping to introduce Spanish designs to the Singapore market, XTRA has also turned the spotlight onto regional talents. Amongst local design institutions, XTRA has also lent its advice and support to students.

XTRA sincerely believes in giving back to society in the best way we know. It gratifies us to know that Good Design can benefit not just those who enjoy it in their own daily capacity, but that it can also inspire more altruistic intentions.

To this end, XTRA has readily organised and participated in events and promotions to raise funds for charitable and non-profit organisations such as Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation, Action for Aids Singapore, and Action for Singapore Dogs. Wherever possible, XTRA tries to involve local and regional designers, leveraging their creativity to garner support for the various organisations.

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